Community Data

Jones County Family Connection Collaborative was born as a community-driven, results-oriented process that allows citizens to form collaborative organizations.  This Collaborative conducts community assessments to identify local concerns and develops a strategic plan to address locally prioritized concerns regarding children and families.  Data analysis is a major part of the process and is used as a guide to identify needs as well as measure successes.

Jones County Profile of Child, Family, and Community Well-Being

Jones County Snapshot – Birth to 21 Profile

Jones County Neighborhood Nexus Data

Jones County Religion Data

GA Suicide Prevention Annual Data Sheet 2018

US Census QuickFacts for Jones County

Census Tract Map

*To use the Census Tract Map, click on an indicator in the upper left-hand section of the screen, and the map will populate with data for that indicator. Mouse over a tract to view the county name, tract number, and the value for the selected indicator. You can also zoom in to street level to see a tract more clearly, and click on a census tract to produce a printable profile for all nine indicators.